How to Prep Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve hired or are considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning service odds are you want to get the most out of their visit. This could include optimizing time, preventing any mishaps, and guarding against theft. Fortunately, technicians are literally there to work for you. However, you will still need to provide some preventative maintenance to ensure a safe working environment. This should not be too difficult and may even enable you to get some extra cleaning done in the process. Regardless, it is important to take these few preliminary steps before the cleaner arrives. Here to lend some suggestions is some advice on how to best prep your home for a professional carpet cleaning.

Secure Your Valuables

Before any third party sets foot in your home, it is important to secure your valuables in a safe place. Leaving jewelry or expensive electronics out in the open is a surefire way for them to go missing. This is not to suggest that technicians are not inherently honest; rather, this is a precaution to keep the situation from occurring in the first place. In other words, securing your valuables minimizes the risk of something going missing, which is ultimately of great benefit to you and the technicians working in your home. This also goes for fragile items that could easily break if bumped or knocked over.

Remove Furniture

Carpet cleaning technicians are in your home for one purpose and one purpose only: to ensure that your carpets are cleaned. They are not movers, and should not be expected to move furniture. This means that you should adequately prepare and move all potential obstacles. These could include various stands, lamps, coffee tables, and other furniture that could potentially be damaged or impede cleaning in any way. Basically, the more you are able to clear out of the room, the better. This will optimize your results and make it much easier for the cleaners to do their job. If you need storage space, consider temporarily moving the furniture to a garage or stacking it in another room, as you will only need to have it off the floor until your carpets have dried.

On Pets

Pets are great, but when it comes to cleaning most will inevitably get in the way. Additionally, the loud noises from the cleaning equipment can easily scare them or cause them to be defensive; this especially applies to dogs, cats, and even birds. What’s more, many cleaners connect their cleaning systems to their trucks, which require the outside door to be open. Needless to say, pets can easily escape and potentially get lost. For these reasons, it is a good idea to take precautionary steps to ensure that your precious furry friends have a safe place they are able to reside while the cleaning is taking place.

Get Rid of Clutter

All professional carpet cleaners make use of gigantic cords and hoses, which they will run throughout the room. Consequently, anything you leave on the floor can become a hazard. Potential items could include shoes and socks, children’s toys, dog toys, and a variety of other trinkets that could easily slip your mind. These items should be removed prior to the technician’s arrival so the latter can get straight to work. Additionally, after cleaning up any clutter, it is always a good idea to vacuum the carpet. Though this last step is not necessarily required, it will make life much easier for the carpet cleaners.

Secure Your Walls

Remember the heavy cords mentioned in the previous section? These cords will be strewn throughout your home, meaning they will rub against the walls and potentially cause friction on both baseboards and corners. Should this happen, they will leave awful black marks that can seriously dampen your aesthetic, which ultimately negates the reason the cleaners are there in the first place! One excellent means of guarding against this potentiality is by applying painter’s tape to the walls, taking special care to focus on the areas that cords could touch. Definitely be sure to use painter’s tape, as it will not damage your wall or leave any residue when it is peeled off.

Inform the Cleaners of Any Special Needs

Before cleaning your carpet, let the cleaners know if there is anything specific they need to do when cleaning a particular room or area. For example, if you have frail furniture that you were unable to move, letting them know before they start working will ensure they can avoid any problems.